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Quality Control  
Quality Policy: Meticulously manufacture,Working with one mind to produce excellent results,Carefully manage,Sincerely serve our client.

Quality System: ISO9001

QC Staff: 25 to 30

Procedures/Testing Details: Our QC management oversees operations with the assistance of flow chart which tracks in-process, incoming and outgoing materials and products. Auhua employees are required to follow with the procedures designated by the flow chart. Inspection of the final products and follow-up with shipping procedures are also in the standard procedures.

Testing Center: The analysis and test , from raw materials to final products, are indispensable means for the research and manufacture of high quality ceramics. Our testing center has a lot of advanced instruments as well as skilled technicians. We have analytical equipment as following:
 Granularity Analyzer
 Ionic Gauge
 Spectrum Projection
 Tester For Resistivity
 Tester For Dielectric Loss
 Projection Instrument
 Tester For Dielectric Strength Sclerometer
 Tester For Flexural Strength.

Product List
Electrical Ceramics
Wear-resistant Ceramics
Mechanical Ceramics
Structural Ceramics
Electronic Ceramics
Textile Ceramics
Heat-resistant Ceramics
Honeycomb Ceramics
Metallized Ceramics
Glazed Ceramics
Ceramic module
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