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Ownership:Sino-Australia Joint venture
Investors:The Polter PTY Ltd(Australia)
      Shaanxi Huaxing Electronic Industry company(China)
Established:Jan.12, 2001
Investment:$1,000,000 USD
Capital:$1,250,000 USD
Predecessors:No.3 Branch Of Huaxing Factory(1965)
       Shaanxi Huaxing Ceramic Parts Factory(1993)
       Xianyang Huaxing Advanced Ceramics Co.,Ltd(1998)
R&D:    20
QC:     15
Plant Area:8830 m2
Building Area:10800 m2
Location: Xianyang, China
Main Products:Ceramic Cases for Fuse,Special Ceramic Parts,Ceramic Cores For Wirewound Resistors
Materials: Steatite, Cordierite,Alumina, ZTA,ZSA
Processes: Press, Extrude, Die Casting, Grind, Glaze
Capacity:1500Tons Of Ceramic Materials,2 billiun Of Ceramic Parts
Applications:Open coil heaters, cartridge heaters, high watt density heaters,
      thermocouples, thermostats, relays, switches, rheostats, resistors,
      capacitors, specialty lamp bases and sockets, ignition systems,
      condensers, electrostatic air cleaners, meters, load banks, ovens,
      furnaces, fuses, small and large home appliances,connectors, spacers
      and many more

Industries: Electric heating, specialty lamp and socket, small appliances, large
      appliances, temperature measurement and control, components, oil gas
      ignition,fuse and many more.

Product List
Electrical Ceramics
Wear-resistant Ceramics
Mechanical Ceramics
Structural Ceramics
Electronic Ceramics
Textile Ceramics
Heat-resistant Ceramics
Honeycomb Ceramics
Metallized Ceramics
Glazed Ceramics
Ceramic module
Address:Xianyang China Tel:86-29-33786233