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Company Introduction  
   Special Ceramic Parts used as resister’s bodies and structrural parts with a wide range of useful properties such as mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, thermal conductivity, and electrical insulation.AUHUA CERAMICS, a company with products sold all over the world, established in 1965, has been specializing in the manufacture of all these and more. We are leading the trends which is reflected in our development and production plans. To meet the demands of a constantly changing international environment our future growth will continue along the lines of global purchasing, global production, global sales and global service.AUHUA CERAMICS will always remain firm in our basic strategy of creating first-rate products at reasonable prices. Besides purchasing automatic machinery to improve quality control and increase production, we also apply for the ISO9001 certificate and have been passed on. We look forward to an even brighter future -- a future we invite you to share.

Auhua Ceramics,To Serve The Electrical And Electronics Industries.

Product List
Electrical Ceramics
Wear-resistant Ceramics
Mechanical Ceramics
Structural Ceramics
Electronic Ceramics
Textile Ceramics
Heat-resistant Ceramics
Honeycomb Ceramics
Metallized Ceramics
Glazed Ceramics
Ceramic module
Address:Xianyang China Tel:86-29-33786233